About the Author
Destiny writes because she loves it! She believes that everyone needs a place where they can get away: a place that is safe, a place that is their own, a dream like place. For Destiny, that place is her imagination. Growing up with an eccentric and loving family Destiny was always sharing her stories and insights with her parents and siblings. She loved to enrich their lives and bring them joy.
Business-woman by day, and dreamer by night, she has worked in real estate and as a recruiter in the field of philanthropy.
Destiny’s heart bursts when people enjoy her work. She is grateful to GOD for it. She wholeheartedly hopes that it touches and opens your hearts and spirits.


by Destiny P


  • Throughout history, the unicorn has always been depicted as a creature that has transcended and broken free. Once set free, she can never be recaptured. Destiny invites you to join her on her journey to freedom. Find the unicorn inside your spirit and fly free – with The Unicorn Manifesto.


Whispers of the Waters
by The Dark Horse Poets, Christine Scott (Illustrator), Dark Horse Florida Publishing (Compiler)


  • Whispers of the Waters by The Dark Horse Poets, Christine Scott Gulfport, Florida: a mecca for artists, artisans, and others who watch, reflect upon, and incorporate the mainstream world into their work without becoming a part of it. Gulfport is a different place: a place where people are the same in their being different. In this collection, the poets of Gulfport, along with some invited guests, offer you a collection of verse ranging from the simple poem to the complex and often impressionistic work. In each, the contribution is intended to evoke an emotion: to stir something in you that may have lain fallow save for these piques.
  • The Dark Horse Poets are an even dozen in number. They are: Hayley Beck, Tom Cuba, Destiny, Donna Dobbs, Karen Gates, Karla Wright, Patricia Grayson, Tamassia Martins, Robert McCabe, Vincent Spina, John Stoeffler, and Anthony Zautra.


The Unicorn Manifesto is now available at St. Petersburg College student library